Gruene Cross Balance Capsules.

Refine your mind + body balance by making positive decisions on the daily.


Why Our CBD Softgels are Better

  • Effect-Based Formulations
  • Added ingredients to target widespread ailments (sleep problems, concentration, enhanced sex).
  • Acid-Resistant - Our softgels break down in the large intestine, resulting in higher absorption.
  • 100% Vegan -  Made from tapioca, a plant-based starch.



Broad Spectrum CBD - CBD is one of the most well known cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, and becoming increasingly regarded as a safe, natural remedy for a growing list of common ailments. This can be enhanced when combined with a broad spectrum of other cannabinoids.


Serving Size:  1 Softgel

Servings Per Bottle:  30

MG of active CBD per Serving: 25

Balance Capsules


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